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This page contains a number of scenarios, encounters and adventure ideas for use with the At Rapier's Point campaign background, or any other historical or swashbuckling RPG. Feel free to download these for personal use.

The Witch Hunter - This encounter / mini scenario can be incorporated into any campaign or adventure, or can be expanded into an adventure in it's own right.

Under the Red Robe - This is a full scenario for small groups of 2 or 3 characters. It is set in France during the classic musketeer period and features the Cardinal Richelieu himself.

Don't despair - more At Rapier's Point adventures will be available soon!

A Letter to Gustavus

The Black Cross (Campaign)

Chapter One - Death in Wolfsburg

Part I - A Delivery

Part II - Wolfsburg in Fear

Part III - Marienburg

Part IV - The Siege

Chapter Two - The Schwarzefalke

Part I

Part II

The Graf's Son



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