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At Rapier's Point is an historical roleplaying campaign background set during the 16th and 17th centuries. It can be used alongside any RPG system, although the system that we've used is a development of the Middle Earth Roleplaying (MERP) rules. Click here to see the character generation rules.

At Rapier's Point RPG is set during the period that is the true age of swashbuckling adventure: From the exploits of Hernan Cortez and his Conquistadors in their journey across Mexico to face the powerful Aztec Emperor, to the adventures of the Three Muskeeteers fighting to protect France from the machinations of the scheming Cardinal Richelieu, to the mercenaries and freebooters looking to make their fortunes amidst the destruction of the Thirty Years War in Germany. At Rapier's Point is all this and more.

Beyond Europe lies the New World, the exotic lands of India, China and the Spice Islands to the east, and the dark continent of Africa to the south. As the 17th century progresses the Caribbean becomes the haunt of Buccaneers and Pirates - the so called 'Spanish Main'.

Explore the world of At Rapier's Point and expand your roleplaying horizons: History will never seem quite the same again.



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